Event design and production


Creative design of stage, set & technical, we will guide you if required through an experiential narrative of what you envisage for your guests or attendees.

Anything is possible given the right conditions and we believe in maximizing creative solutions against any budget or venue restrictions 

Working with you and taking your initial ideas into practical working drawings with over 15 years’ experience of design management we can tell you pretty quickly what the bottom line is on a concept either working forwards or backwards to a budget we can give you quick indicators on the possibilities which means a more efficient turnaround from concept to fabrication.

Having practical knowledge of local venues and working environments is essential to effective onsite delivery, along with having the key production staff who can react to quick changes under pressure.





From startups to large corporations, Code Seven has the design and business expertise to build your site from the ground up. No job is too big or too small, and each is created to our clients’ specifications.


creative solutions

Creativity is what sets a good agency apart from a great one. At Code Seven, we employ only the most creative, out-of-the-box thinkers so our clients always have a team that’s thinking three steps ahead.

Branded Content

Your brand is not just a business, it’s who you are and what you represent. We have the ability to create unique, engaging content that reflects your values and impacts your brand loyalty.

Content Strategy

Awesome content is what separates an average site from a site that sits atop Google’s search engine. When you want to create compelling, and unique content,we can give your site a boost and make you an industry leader. 


A factor in any plan is how it affects the consumer. Each piece of content, each site, and each decision we make is built to make a positive impact on your user’s experience.


Smartphones and tablets dominate today’s mobile and digital world, which is why everything we develop is responsive, user-friendly, and ready to meet search engine challenges.


All about your customers. From initial brand recognition to long-lasting loyalty, we can help manage the communication and the relationship to ensure it lasts forever.

managed services

We don’t just want to send you out into the world without offering our full support, which is why we also host and manage your sites and other requests to make it easier for you. 

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